rse-logo "RSE" develops research projects for the fund "Ricerca per il Sistema Elettrico nazionale" (Research for the National Electric System), managed by the Italian Ministry of the Economic Development, on the basis of 3-year agreements. The research projects are developed for the total benefit of the users and operators of the Italian Electric System, foreseeing a wide dissemination of the results obtained.
isac-logo "CNR-ISAC" carries out research activities on the atmosphere, the environment and the climate, with particular focus on atmospheric dynamics and pollutant dispersion, developing models and new parameterizations and algorithms for numerical modelling of the dispersion of atmospheric pollutants, of any density and scale, from the planetary scale to the micro-scale in the presence of obstacles.
upo-logo The Department of Science and Technological Innovation ("Dipartimento di Scienza e Innovazione Tecnologica") of the "University del Piemonte Orientale" deals, among its several activities, with environmental problems in their chemical, physical and biological aspects. In particular, the group of Prof. Ferrero has developed pollutant dispersion models collaborating with the other bodies involved in SPRAY-WEB development, and focusing on topics associated with turbulence and concentration fluctuations.
arianet-logo ARIANET is a consultancy company founded in 2000 with the mission of contributing to the development, application and achievement of the numerical modelling for the atmospheric environment, in the conviction that this tool is fundamental for the assessment and management of air quality; the Research & Development activity is essential for the company development and is performed by means of active collaborations with research centres and international and national Universities, as well as the participation to working groups and European research programs. ARIANET carries on scientific and continuous research collaboration with CNR-ISAC-TO, as stated in the Agreement "Convenzione per attività di collaborazione scientifica" (18 June 2013 - in progress).